Cheb Stool

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Cheb Stool


Spice up your interior with that sparkle of Marrakech magic. A ‘Cheb’ is an exclusive eye catcher in every environment. It is the perfect element to give your hotel, restaurant, bar, shop … a unique touch.

Cheb is a seamless side table in the shape of an octagon, with below on each side a milled-out Arabic door-pattern. For the completion we opted for a frosted satin varnish.

Delivered with a cushion, so you can immediately create a comfortable extra seat. Place the cushion on your Cheb low in order to transform the side table to a handy stool. BEAUTY MEETS FUNCTIONAL!

The cushion is made from high-quality foam rubber and draped with an exclusive fabric. It has the same measurements as your side table, so it keeps having a clean-cut look!



A Cheb low delivered with a cushion

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Weight 6 kg


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