Cheb High/Low

a seamless side table in the shape of an octagon

A cheb

Spice up your interior with that sparkle of magic. A ‘Cheb’ is an exclusive eye catcher in every environment. It is probably the perfect element to give your hotel, restaurant, bar, shop… a unique touch.
This concerns a seamless side table in the shape of an octagon, with below on each side a milled-out Arabic door-pattern. For the completion we opted for a frosted satin varnish.

Choose from five colours. Upward of 10 pieces, the customer can choose the color. The colours on the product pictures might slightly deviate from the reality,
depending on the display showing them.

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  • colWhite sand
  • colMedina blue
  • colTurkish Turquoise
  • colSweet pink
  • colSahara orange

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